November, 2015

Coming to Dubrovnik

We have seen a best scene while travelling to the Dubrovnik Mountain near to Croatia and it was a sun rising view on the early morning. We are busy in sailing boat then suddenly one of our friends has showed us the best view, which is really very amazing. The sun was rising from the two mountains and we captured it with our cameras. It is easy to hire a catamaran in Hvar religion because the...

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Where the Gods sleep

But the time runs fast, and two days soon ended. Shortly, we’d be leaving our hospitable Villa Sveti Petar, when I would have to say that we’re going to sail right here, in Croatia and my major secret would be disclosed, and now, merely charter a yacht! But I told Michael that we have several hours for an unhurried walk through the town before we’ll be picked up and taken away....

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