Hvar – Charter Croatia is fun!

The Stari Grad plain in Hvar is an agricultural land of olive trees and vineyards that have been used since Greek antiquity. The vineyards, old Greek plain and gardens attract the tourists with its lavishing green views. I went there with my friends to spend the summer vacation. We choose yacht charter to reach different places of the beautiful island country Croatia. We felt happy and exciting to travel in a yacht which we took in charter. We hired a sailboat for three days to explore the islands and beautiful places of this island country. We took nearly 2 hours to reach the stair grad by boat. This was on the large car ship with hundreds of tourists on it. But once we reached the place every tourist went their own way. Then we walked along the shoreline to reach the stari grad town. It took around 20 minutes by foot to reach the town. This is a good little town with many restaurants, souvenir shops and bars.

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The Stari Grad is an old town that has been preserved for the people who love exploring ancient or old things. We visited a tiny museum in a place where ancient wine press and roman coins are on show. After spending half an hour in the museum we planned to look at the plains of this town. We found many shops renting bicycles for the tourists to roam around the town. We four rented bicycles at one of the shops and move eastwards out of the town. We saw several small fields separated from one another with stone walls. Vines and olives are the most common trees you can see in this town. We found some people struggling with their cars as the roads are not good. But we came across every place easily with the help of a bicycle. I suggest people to visit the plains either by foot or bicycle especially if they do not want to face any trouble.

Hvar in Croatia

Even though the plain is not very flat it looks gorgeous with its lavishing greeneries. We spend an hour in the plain snapping many photos with the trees and plants. The stone walls built in the plains are awesome. Then we rode the bike and get back to the stari Grad town. People can also find buses available at stari grad harbor to reach the town. This is the best way for people who do not have time to roam around this small town by foot or bike. Once we reached the town we handed over the bikes and entered a small restaurant to have some evening snacks and drinks. Then we walked through the squares and narrow streets to the waterfront and continued yachting. We headed our yacht to the other islands of the country Croatia. Hvar is really a beautiful island and it merits a longer vacation or a day trip just to see the greeneries in the plain. Some other attractive places people can check out in this island include hvar fortress, Dubovica and Tvrdalj castle.

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